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Shepherd's Grain Research & Development

Honest. Transparent. Quality Focused.

Shepherd's Grain's world class wheat flours are built upon these three values that make up our motto. We believe our wheat flours are the highest quality in the world, and this is your portal to gain that same confidence through the transparency you find here. We are committed to learning and improving more and more, and we hope that you spend time here with the same goals. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.


A place to share what’s on our mind.

The pursuits of learning and continual improvement are high priorities for us, and we hope you’ll join us on the ride.

Tillage Free

Also called No-Till, Direct Seeding, and Direct Drilling, an agricultural system that is free from tillage is a system that promotes environmental sustainability.

Learn more about tillage, its negative environmental effects, and why Shepherd’s Grain growers’ dedication to conservation and sustainability is paramount.

Crop Research

Shepherd’s Grain puts money, time, and sweat in the pursuit of improving our conservation agricultural systems. And we don’t keep silent with what we learn.

Eliminating tillage in an agricultural system is not an end in itself. Monocultures are not compatible with sustainable agriculture. We administer and support crop research that promotes diversity in agricultural ecosystems.

Carbon Sequestration

Being tillage-free is all about capturing Carbon and keeping it in its place.

Carbon is more than a box on the Periodic Table. It is gold to Shepherd’s Grain growers, and is the critical component to building healthy soils. Sequestering Carbon in soils is consistent with the solution to climate change concerns, and increases soil organic matter that helps produce more economically sustainable crops.

Pesticides & GMO's

Knowing where and how your food is produced is important.

We get a lot of questions regarding Pesticides and GMO’s, and here you will find our stance on these important issues. The internet is a wonderful resource (here we are!), but one that hosts a lot of misinformation about agriculture. That sort of misinformation has led to a world where dialogue on these topics finds nuance and truth inconvenient. In contrast, we are dedicated to transparency in a meaningful way.

Baking Quality

From the wheat seed being planted til the flour streams out of the mill, quality is our focus.

Shepherd’s Grain produces the best wheat flours on the market. We micro-mange our quality to achieve this status with a commitment to the science of baking quality.

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